West Restaurant Dine Out Vancouver 2013

You can find all the information about West Restaurant on their website http://www.westrestaurant.com/

I arrived at West at around 4:55 p.m. and they asked us for our reservation. (First let me tell you a bit about my reservation process. I know that a lot of people like to go to West for Dine out so I tried to book a reservation on the first day the menu came out. I know it’s a bit late but I couldn’t be sure if I wanted to go until I saw the menu. I went online to Open Table and there were only spots left at 5:00 or 5:30. I called because sometimes they have more tables when you call. In this case they didn’t, they didn’t have any tables until after 9:00. So I had no choice but to book there 5:00 one because by the time I had refreshed the page the 5:30 reservation was gone.) I told them that one of our friends couldn’t make it so it was just a table for 3 now. At this point they were asked us to wait a moment. They came back and said they decided to organize us at a different table right in front of the chef’s working area. At this, I didn’t mind because I love watching the chef’s at work but if you don’t like a slightly louder atmosphere I wouldn’t recommend you to sit near the Chef’s area. Overall service was good and quick. Everyone was really polite and gracious. The layout of the restaurant, we thought, was kind of strange but that’s only our personal opinion. Now let’s talk about the food.

First course I opted for the slow cooked hen’s egg. It was an interesting course with beautiful presentation. While watching the sous chef prepare it, I saw him squeeze the truffle emulsion out of those silver containers that add air to it. The hen’s egg was perfectly cooked; it was a very fresh egg. I broke the hen’s egg and mixed every component of the dish together. The egg white mixed with the egg yolk wrapped the cauliflower in a silky sauce. It was a very light dish but personally I didn’t like it. This is a very creative dish, the different textures were well balanced (the crunch and the lightness) but overall I would describe it as somewhat slimy.


My friend had the pear salad and she said it tasted like makeup but that just her personal take on it. I didn’t try it but it looked like an ordinary salad.

My other friend had the caramelized parsnip soup. She didn’t like it and even told the waitress. I had a bit of it and I thought the parsnip was very strong and well balanced with the crème fraiche. But I think they could have added a bit more colour to the presentation. I didn’t hate the flavour but I didn’t like it as well.

Now for the entrée we all had the red wine and cinnamon braised beef flatiron. The beef was well balanced with the polenta. The polenta was crispy and creamy and just amazing. The beef was well seasoned and paired well with the polenta. The textures of this dish were spot on. The carrot puree was sweet and added a nice touch. The capers and raisins on top were definitely a must for this dish. It adds a tangy sweetness to the dish which drove my taste buds crazy. This is a well thought out dish. The portion was spot on and I was very full by the time I finished it.

As a side we had foes gras for the table. The oils that came out of it when I first cut into it were tempting me to just use bread and soak it all up. But I didn’t because I was too full. All I have to say was it was to die for. Well, all foes gras is.

For dessert, I had the chocolate truffle cake with coffee chocolate chip ice cream. The chocolate truffle cake was moist but I would have preferred a stronger chocolate flavour. The coffee chocolate chip ice cream was my favourite part of the entire dish. The coffee flavour was strong enough for my liking that I devoured it very quickly. Now this next part was just probably the rush of the kitchen I hope. I found a hair in the chocolate thin biscuit wafer. I broke into it and I saw a hair and I was astounded that such a restaurant would make a mistake like this. I didn’t want to complain because since it was dine out they were probably just really rushed and stressed. But that shouldn’t be any excuse.

Overall, West is an okay restaurant. Service is excellent. The food is fair. I would give it a 7/10. One point off for the hair in my dessert or else it would have gotten an 8/10. But I would not go back to this restaurant because the hair really spoiled the evening for me.
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